Wound Care

Do you have a cut, ulcer, or sore on your calf or foot that has not healed in 2-3 weeks? As part of our full-service care, Dr. Schmetterer and Dr. Susan Woods treat the most complex wounds caused by venous, arterial or lymphatic insufficiency, as well as unusual skin diseases. Dr. Susan Woods, Board Certified Dermatologist started the first Wound Care Center in Northeast Ohio in 1994. Together with Dr. Schmetterer, wounds are evaluated as to their cause, and a comprehensive array of advanced interventions, biological dressings and compression options for all types of disease are utilized. We perform a full range of procedures for the treatment of leaking veins as well as blocked arteries. If your wound has not healed after 2-3 weeks of standard wound care, come see Dr. Schmetterer or Dr. Woods for a comprehensive evaluation.