PRP For Hair Regrowth

PRP therapy for hair restoration is considered a safe, new, natural treatment for hair loss. Clinical studies are showing is to be an extremely fast and effective treatment for hormonal hair loss ( androgenic alopecia) in both men and women. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it is used in many areas of medicine, including orthopedics to heal tendon injuries and treat osteoarthritis as well as in dentistry, wound healing and cardiovascular medicine. The treatment for hair regrowth relies on the common growth factors found within platelets. These growth factors can stimulate the cells in the hair follicle. Please know that PRP does not work for all types of hair loss. It is important to be thoroughly evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist to get the correct diagnosis.   The process of using PRP for hair growth involves injecting the scalp with vital growth proteins or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Patients have their blood drawn by a medical assistant in our office and then the sample is placed in a centrifuge. Once the centrifugation process is finished, the PRP containing vital growth proteins are separated from the blood. The PRP is injected in a painless fashion into the scalp where there is hair loss. Most patients will require this treatment every month for three months and then possibly again in 6 months or a year.   In most cases, the procedure takes 30 minutes to an hour. There is no downtime to this procedure. The side effects are not common but could include infection or bruising.