Discovering any lump can be unsettling.  Often detected during middle age, lipomas are fairly common fatty lumps that can be found anywhere on the body.

The question of whether or not to remove a lipoma is based on cosmetic considerations or whether it is causing pain or irritation.  Although lipomas tend to be cancerous, doctors are aware that  Liposarcoma, a rare condition that resembles a lipoma, is a cancerous tumor that can develop in fatty tissue, however it grows much faster and can cause an increased level of pain.  A physician can distinguish between the two conditions and may perform an ultrasound or other form of imaging test as well as a biopsy on the area in question, particularly if the lump is large.

Surgical removal in the office can be done for small to medium size lipomas.  The procedure to remove one is considered rather straightforward.  Stitches will be in place for 1 to 2 weeks.  During this time it is important to follow the instructions of a physician to minimize the amount of scarring that occurs.