Leg Veins

Unsightly and painful leg veins are a common problem for men and women; however, every patient circulation is not the same.  Dr Woods collaborates with Dr. Schmetterer so that they can offer a comprehensive evaluation as well as ultrasound vein mapping in order to determine if your vein problem is superficial or deep.  Treatments can be tailored to meet your cosmetic goals as well to improve your circulatory health.  Sclerotherapy is used to treat superficial veins and small varicose veins on the surface of the skin.  Patients with larger varicose veins may require surgical removal or ambulatory phlebectomy. Fortunately, Dr Schmetterer can perform ambulatory phlebectomy with very small, practically invisible incisions. To help the overall health of the legs, some patients may require fixing veins that have abnormal valves using a procedure called endovenous ablation.  This procedure is done in the office and takes about an hour.  If abnormal valves are found on ultrasound these procedures are covered by most commercial insurance plans, including Medicare.  During a leg vein evaluation consultation, we can identify the problem as well as the solution.