Fillers are injections used to fill wrinkles and creases in the skin. These injections can be used to obtain a fuller lip, remove lines around the lips (smokers lines), give cheek bone definition, fill in the trough under the eye as well as soften marionette lines.  There are many different fillers and experience does matter. A board certified dermatologist is best trained to assess the overall health of your skin and determine the most effective filler to achieve your goals.

The correct amount of filler placed in the correct location using the correct technique will enhance the facial features. Maintaining the natural shape of your facial bone structure and knowing where there is loss of fat with aging is essential. Often, patients tell us that they do not want their face to be puffy and distorted by too much filler.  We agree with them. The “overfilled syndrome” becomes a real problem when too much filler is put in the wrong location. We will use filler to help you achieve a natural look by based on the fact that each face has a unique beauty.  We will correct problems and preserve that beauty. Below are a few of the fillers we offer.

Juvederm Ulta, Ultraplus,  and Voluma